Orange The Beginners

“Orange The Beginners is a school which is following all the procedures that are required for getting accredited as a private preschool.”

Our Franchise Owners, Leadership Teams and School Staff partner with parents to help build the right foundation for the future learning and in life.


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Orange The Beginners



"Orange The Beginners is a Pre Primary school which is accredited as a private Primary school where the children get the appropriate manner of knowledge as well as they are educated in co-curricular activities."
Getting into Pre Primary School is always a journey to be remembered for a child and it is a memory he or she cherishes for his or her lifetime. The decision to join their child into Pre Primary school is the outcome of the right decision at the correct time.
Orange the Beginners School provides an environment which is filled with warmth, is safe and fun-filled to build the inner strength and social interactive skills of your child.
Ideal for Preschool: Our innovative programme helps your child discover that learning can also be done in a fun way while making new friends and building strong relationships.

Orange The Beginners Programmes


Every day is filled with the fun activities, and everything we do is designed to educate.


Nursery children at Orange the Beginners prepare for a lifetime of learning in a nurturing environment.


As children get older, our comprehensive Junior KG programme helps them explore and communicate in class settings.


As children become increasingly independent, they aspire to new challenges for which we prepare them.

Orange The Beginners Offers

Orange The Beginners offer an academic, sporting and personal development programme that furnishes children for every opportunity they get to grow the knowledge, self-confidence, skill and understanding.


Learn with the Best Teachers

We have the well educated and discipline branch of teaching staff who give their heart and soul to provide the education to your children in every way for the better future of the child.

Encouraging Self Dependence

Our objective is to teach sheer confidence in the kids so that they can accomplish their work without any parents' aid.

Defining Education with Art

Let your kids explore the colors of life through Art. They love colors, and we give them the freedom to explore it.

Recreation is Important

Understanding that recreation is an essential element for the students to learn what can’t be found in books, we Endeavour to indulge kids in every such possible activity


Developing the speech and writing, preparing the child for reading, writing and mathematics, preparing for formal education, Enhance social, language, cognitive, emotional, creative and aesthetic development and Developing self-independence and self-esteem of the child.

Primarily pay the way for the regular use of Montessori equipment. Children learn the following skill.

"Orange The Beginners" Activities
1. Water Play (Pool day)
2. Fancy Dress
3. Knowledge Sharing day
4. Annual Day
5. Story Telling
6. Hopping & Jumping
7. Puppet Show